Hello, welcome to Roots Kombucha’s blog, which we have called “Rooted in knowledge”.  Here we are going to write about the knowledge and science behind a lot of the topics we, as brewers, fermenters, and food and drink producers find relevant and interesting. We’re gonna discuss obvious topics like probiotics, fermentation, and microbiology as well as related issues like nutritional research and labeling laws, and maybe anything else we think of that’s interesting.

Our thinking is that “Rooted in knowledge” should be a place to go to get a bit deeper understanding of some important topics that interest a lot of us.  We are often frustrated by how superficial a lot of what’s out there on the web is, oversimplifying complex issues and making huge statements in a brochure-like way, without any evidence to back it up, leaving us wondering how credible they are. Then, on the other extreme you have scientific articles, which are hard to find for most people, hard to access (paywall), and, for many, even harder to read. We want to make this informative, give you the nuances, and hopefully still make it easy to read and interesting. We hope that we can help you better understand and filter the flood of health-related info we are deluged with. Are ginger, turmeric, and lacto-bacteria really that good for me? Why has the EU banned companies from using the term “probiotic”? What’s the difference between “fermented” and “rotten”? What are antioxidants or enzymes, how do they work and should I care? These are a few of the topics we plan on delving into.

Our name “Rooted in knowledge” derives from our pride that what we do, what we produce, what we market, and what we write here, are just that, rooted in science. We started this blog because we think that a lot of customers and friends are interested in the knowledge that we have about fermentation, nutrition, health, and food chemistry and we’re happy to share it, hopefully in nicely sized, entertaining, interesting portions.

When we write “we”, we mainly mean one of Roots Kombucha’s founders, Nicholas Rosenstock. Beyond being a kombucha brewer, Nick has a doctorate in microbiology and is a fermentation fanatic, science-, gardening-, food-, and nutrition-nerd and the personification of the type of person the T-shirt designers had in mind when they printed “Fuck Google…ask me”. He knows, quite simply, a lot, and has a burning desire to spread his knowledge far and wide. Nick’s cofounder Matthias Lehner is also working on this blog as well is their partner Elin Rosenstock.

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