Starting a new kombucha culture from a bottle of kombucha.

We get asked a LOT: Can we buy cultures from you? Can we start a culture from a bottle of your kombucha? If so, how? Short answer to both: We use to sell kombucha cultures, but we basically stopped because we don’t think there’s much point to cut up and package pieces of the solid […]

Not all “kombucha” is really kombucha

We would like to raise a topic to your attention that has bothered us for a while; the fact that more and more drinks are being sold as kombucha that, according to us, shouldn’t be called that. Kombucha has quickly become more and more popular in Sweden and other places, and the demand increases steadily. […]

Can probiotics and fermented foods help us fight cancer?

We behind this blog own and operate a kombucha microbrewery, and we want to begin this post by saying that kombucha is not a cure for cancer, and neither is sauerkraut, yogurt, applecidervinegar or other probiotics. For those afflicted with cancer, there don’t appear to be any miracle cures or easy solutions, and clinical “western” […]

What food has probiotics? What do I need to know about the sources?

We’ve already defined probiotics as live bacteria and yeasts that when consumed confer health benefits on humans, but a couple other definitions are also good to know: Prebiotics are nondigestible compounds, mostly carbohydrates, that promote the survival and establishment of probiotics in our bodies. Foods that have prebiotics include asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, bananas, oatmeal, red […]

What’s all the fuss about probiotics?

Probiotic food and nutritional additives have gained a lot of attention in both research and mainstream media lately. There has been a huge growth in interest in probiotic products over the last 10 years around the world. There is a growing body of evidence to support their importance in our diet; both to treat and […]


Hello, welcome to Roots Kombucha’s blog, which we have called “Rooted in knowledge”.  Here we are going to write about the knowledge and science behind a lot of the topics we, as brewers, fermenters, and food and drink producers find relevant and interesting. We’re gonna discuss obvious topics like probiotics, fermentation, and microbiology as well […]