Roots Kombucha was started by two doctors – not real doctors, but academic ones. Matthias and Nick met in Uppsala in 2008, where they both studied at SLU (the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences). Years later they moved in together in an apartment in Malmö. In this apartment they spent a lot of time brewing beer, fermenting vegetables, making sour dough bread, and … yes … kombucha, which Nick had been drinking since the last millennium. It is in this shared apartment that the idea of Roots Kombucha developed.

The business started in a very small scale, mainly focused on selling kombucha on markets. In early 2015 the Roots Kombucha brewery moved in to its current location at Mitt Möllan in Malmö.




Nick loves bacteria, both in theory and practice. He is a doctor of microbiology and can tell you everything you wonder about microbes. If you don’t wonder, he will teach you a bit anyway. Nick does not only love kombucha, but everything that has to do with fermentation. Of course he ferments vegetables. He also ferments milk into kefir for his breakfast every morning, and sour dough into bread. To close the loop he is also really into composting. He collects the coffee grounds from his job and uses the finished compost to fertilize his garden. 
Two more things about Nick that deserve to be mentioned are that he has
- been told that he reminds people of Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
- been1 the best2 wrestler in New York State
1 between Febrary and October 1999. 2 among high school students in the 65 kg weight class


Matthias is a doctor of industrial-environmental-economical-something-sciences. Anyway, he keeps the numbers straight. That might sound boring, but to be fair it is not very hard to keep Roots Kombucha’s numbers in order. Matthias also engages in many things he can do moderately well, such as building homepages and designing labels. It is an underestimation to say that Roots Kombucha owes a lot to the country of Austria and the work ethic that it fostered into this short but very capable man.

Matthias makes marvelous apfel strudel and is well-travelled – he has lived in London, Manchester, Vienna, Brittany (France) and Istanbul before be found himself ROOTed in Malmö.


In the summer of 2017 we realized that we finally needed help with sales, customer relations and marketing. One of the applicants was a mother of four that had earlier sold golf equipment. From golf equipment to kombucha is a far stretch, we thought at first, but once we had met Johanna we were convinced that this cool, friendly and well-organized person would be just as good at selling kombucha as she was at selling golf equipment. Her first good deed was to teach us the term CRM-system (Customer Relationship Management), which both we and our customers are grateful for. Johanna has a passion for food, health, and ecology, and a garden with massive amounts of kale.


When, in the spring 0f 2019, we were looking for someone with brewing experience, a talent for organising, and a personal interest for kombucha, we found Mia. As it turned out, she even has an exquisite taste of music! Mia's playlists make long brewing days a lot more fun, not least because she knows all those details about the artists. When Mia is not listening to music, she is sailing the waters around the Swedish west coast. Mia has worked both with beer brewing and the production of freshly pressed juices, which equipped here with many skills that are now highly valued at Roots. The only thing missing now for Mia is to bring Nick and Matthias to some live gigs and finally make them cool.


Joe is our first member of staff not based in Malmö. Joe's turf is Stockholm and Uppsala, where he takes care of our customers and finds new ones. To us, Joe is much more than a seller; in a way he is our mentor for how selling is done. Joe is a real pro when it comes to selling. He has many years of experience in the food industry, most recently primarily with kombucha. In our weekly sales meetings we therefore often rely on Joe to give us feedback on our sales strategy. (Sometimes he gives this advice from a boat in the Stockholm archipelago; is that what you call home office these days?)